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Quality Control

We offer a professional way to make sure your ordered products are in conformance with your specifications. We offer valuable services that can be tailored to suit your needs.

Factory Evaluation

Factory evaluation is oriented and focuses on the quality system, production capacity and capability of the factory in relation to the specific item that the factory is producing or going to produce. The evaluation will be performed in the very early stage, before the production starts and all corrective/ preventive actions can then be undertaken before actual production.

Initial Production Check

This is a disaster if factory use wrong material, components and accessories in production. We provide service to verify the correct use, function and calibration of relevent production.

Online Inspection

Mass production must adhere to the exact quality and specifications of the approved and tested samples. Therefore, we implement an online inspection process to ensure quality, respect of specifications and timely shipments.

Pre-shipment Inspection

Pre-shipment inspection makes sure the products are up to your requirements before shipment. After final packing of the products, our experienced inspectors will conduct a pre-shipment inspection on products including function, internal construction, appearance, packing, etc. based on quality control program and approval samples.

Loading Supervision

Performed in the factory or at the forwarder's premises, the supervision guarantees that the correct products are being shipped to the right destination. Containers are sealed after supervision of stuffing.

Quality Control

- Application and Inspection Procedure

Youth trade receives from the principal (any of the youth Group

 Companies or any QC only customers ) a QC request form together with:

Copy of the purchase order stating

-       Description of the goods

-        Name and address of the factory

-        FOB value of the shipment

       - Delivery terms

Copy of letter of credit if applicable

Name, telephone and fax number, of the factory where inspection will be done

Expected production and shipment dates

Specifications, drawings and parts list

Reference sample,material or color swatches

Instructions on packaging, assortment and markings

Inspection items

Inspection standard and Acceptable Quality Level (AQL)

Youth trade confirms the schedule and location with the factory and double checks the agreed inspection date with principal.

On the working day following the inspection, the principal will receive a detailed inspection report. If the inspection is to be done on Friday or a day before a public holiday, Youth trade will briefly inform principal about the inspection result with a preliminary report. On the next working day a formal report will be sent to the principal.

Following a written confirmation from the customer, youth trade will issue the certificate to the factory enabling them to draw on the L/C.

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